Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blog #9 Missing my Morning Yoga

When the weather got over 100 degrees there for a few days, I switched my schedule around. I’m a creature of habit normally. On a typical day, I get up and do twenty minutes of yoga before breakfast and waking up anyone else. Then I get dressed and go to work. 

I started the yoga over the winter and it quickly became a favorite part of my routine.  I use a couple of Rodney Yee videos with lots of different workouts so I never get bored with it. At least not so far.


But when it started getting hot out, I decided I had better feed my llamas early in the morning while it’s still cool outside. It’s been nice seeing the sun come up.  I don’t have time to do both in the morning without getting up even earlier, so I thought I would just move the yoga to the evenings.

Trouble is I haven’t remembered to do it. Too many other things get in the way! Writing, blogging, taking the kids to the pool, the dog to the vet, etc. etc. I swear I need to clone myself just to get all the stuff done I need to do in a day.


Anyway, it kind of worked before, so starting this week I'm back to yoga in the mornings!  I'll just have to sweat out feeding llamas in the evenings, even if it is hot. :)  What's your morning ritual?


  1. I've been striving to work yoga back into my days too. I used to do yoga every day, I'm not sure how I let something I enjoy so much slip out of my schedule!

  2. I guess I really have to get up early and get it done before anyone else wakes up, if I'm going to do yoga at home. Even then, it's a challenge. This morning the dogs decided to have play fight right next to me while I was doing sun salutations. Sometimes they do downward dog too :) Thanks for stopping by, Kinda! Good luck with your yoga~ Namaste~