Monday, July 1, 2013

31 Blogs

Sounds like a bad chick flick, doesn’t it? Like a crazy person, I signed up for #31daybc, which stands for “31 day Blog Challenge” in normal speak.  July is a busy month for me, but honestly, I don’t think I have any months that aren’t busy anymore.  I thought it might actually be a good month for me to blog lots, because I have lots going on this month.  I resolved last January to write more, including blogging more, and its one thing I haven’t done to my own satisfaction. I’ve found that “challenges” help motivate me, so I jumped on this month long challenge. And I can’t lie; I like the fact that it’s just a month.

So what’s going on this month?  My  birthday, my daughter's birthday, a trip to the Oregon Coast Writer’s Workshop and, if all goes well, a book release for Hush Puppy . (I still don’t have a firm release date, but I should hear something any day now.) I hope you’ll come back often to cheer me on.  And Please!! Give me blog post ideas!!  I love comments so talk to me, k?

Blog #1 July 1  One down, 30 to go!


  1. I am joining in on this 31 day challenge as well! Happy to have some company. It's refreshing to see some of your blog posts about the state of the world, diversity. Have you read NurtureShock? I wrote a short sequence of blog posts about my own concerns with our current covert culture of inequality. I too, attempt to avoid the drama of politics and the like, but sometimes these are important conversations to have, so I thank you.
    Good luck with the challenge! I look forward to reading!

    1. No, I haven't read NutureShock? What is that about? I'm looking forward to your posts too :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi
    Here are some suggestions for posts
    - the best and worst things about having a book published
    – the big lesson you learned from writing Hush Puppy
    – What You Love about Going to Writers Retreats

    Or just come and look at other #31dbc blogs for ideas!

  3. Those are great ideas, Tilla. Thanks so much for stopping by~:)

  4. I keep telling myself that it is only a month as well. This is a busy month since I go on vacation next week, so many of my posts next week will probably be vacation-related. You seem to have a busy month too. Best of luck with the challenge!

  5. OOh! I'll have to follow that. I love vacations :)