Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blog #23 The Best time to Write

I’m finding more and more that the best time to write, for me, is in the morning, which kinda sucks because when do I find the time to write? In the evening, of course.  I can still write in the evening. I do it a lot actually, but mornings seem so much more magical. Especially that oh-so brief bit between entirely awake and entirely asleep. On really good days, I can brainstorm my whole writing day right there.

The other morning, I wrote a short poem, thought of a blog topic, and realized what needed to happen in my next chapter, all before getting out of bed. Since I had no paper or pen, I typed out a few brief notes on the iPhone and went back to sleep. The poem will fit nicely into Storyteller Book III because each chapter starts with a poem or a snippet of a ballad or a word from the wise fictitious character.  When do you write your best stuff?

Just for fun, here’s my poem for you. Enjoy!

Where ever the wind blows,

where ever the owl calls, and the fern grows,

I’ll be there with you~


  1. I find that my best writing happens when I wake up in the middle of the night. If I actually make it out of bed and scribble stuff down, that tends to feel pretty inspired stuff. May morning writing hours find you often, even if only to get some ideas down and explore them later when you have more time.

  2. That is so true! I think maybe our brains need to relax enough to let the ideas flow better. I've scribbled stuff on paper in the middle of the night, but only if the paper is close by :) Kudos to you for getting up!