Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blog #2, July 2nd

How can I write more?  I’m always asking myself this.  I have two rough drafts that need editing, a sequel that needs written, and another story idea waiting in the wings.  There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to write all the things I need to.  I’m not complaining. There were years where I had no ideas and no inspiration, much less editing to do.  What happened?  I stopped writing books and started writing scripts for awhile. I learned structure and outlining in the shortened format of the screenplay, which was much less overwhelming to me than a novel format.  Of course, once I realized that most movies these days are based on novels or comics, I gave up writing screenplays and went back to novels. 
I always enjoyed fantasy. For so many years, I was caught up in trying to figure out what would sell, but I gave all that up and decided to write what I enjoyed, something fun with a spunky female heroine. The result was Storyteller. When it was finished, publishers were drowning in fantasy, thanks to Harry Potter, so I published it myself.  It didn’t make me famous or rich, but it made me read, which is all I really ever wanted.

How do you find time to write more?


  1. It's a good question. I'm doing good to get up early enough to do my morning pages and stay up late enough to get a blog post done, but beyond that, I'm treading water. I suspect that if I spent less time on the internets and less time at work, I'd get more writing done. But then there's that whole thing about a husband and dogs and friends and maybe kids. *sigh*

    1. The biggest thing I did to help myself find time was give up television. It kinda happened when my daughter was born. I just couldn't find the time to sit for tv anymore. I missed it terribly at first, but over time, I realized I wasn't missing it so much because I replaced it with writing. It's a hard habit to break tho...:)