Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31 - Last Day of the #31 Day Blog Challenge

Whew!  I made it 31 days!

This has been a great exercise for me. I’ve had a blog for a couple years now, but I’d always been pretty lax about keeping up with it.  Having a challenge to blog every day really made me work hard to come up with topics. It also gave me some incentive to come up with several topics and write ahead, which really helped when I took that trip mid-month.  Who knew I wouldn’t have steady internet access for over a week?? Yikes!

I am curious to know which posts were the most useful or interesting to people. If I were to judge by the numbers of comments received, it would appear that topics that cover writing craft are the most popular with my readers. Do you agree?

As much fun as this was, I do think daily blogging is a bit much. What reader is going to visit me every day? I know I’m not *that* fascinating! I do want to keep up with more frequent, regular posting though. The question is, how often to do them? Any ideas?  I’m thinking perhaps weekly…but first I’m going to take a few days off and relax :)
I’ll check in with you soon though. Take care and keep reading, Lisa


  1. I agree with you that daily blogging felt like a Lot. On my personal blog, which is the one I entered in this challenge, I plan to write 3-4 times a week, so that I don't lose momentum. The main difference of course, is that I can write about anything I want, since it's just my thoughts on life. I'm not tied in to a particular topic. On my blog for the lgbt community that I just started I plan to post on whatever days I don't do my personal one. Now that I have a habit of blogging daily, I want to keep it, just not all in one place. :)
    As for my favorites of your posts, I do enjoy the ones about organizing writing efforts (since I'm in need of doing that myself) but I also really enjoyed posts that told me about your personal process with writing.
    Congrats on making it through the challenge!!

  2. Congradulations to you too, Kieta! I'm in awe of your motivation. While I love blogging because it feels easy to me, it takes a lot of my time away from my fiction writing (and that's BAD!) I've got a lot of irons in the fire, things I want to finish and things I HAVE to finish. The blog is going to have to take a back seat for a little while, until my book comes out. However, I did sign up for the October 31 day blog challenge :) Ack!