Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July blog #4

I suppose a July 4th holiday post would be in order today.  I love America, but maybe not for the same reasons other people do.
Me and Congress~

I love America because I can say, read, and write anything I like without fear, and you can too.  I love that Americans come from all over the world and represent a mosaic of cultures and lifestyles like no other place in the world. Every region of this country has its own special beauty, its own secret places only the locals know. 

We’re not perfect by any means. I wish we got along better. I wish we could all be “healthy, wealthy and wise”. And I wish our government wasn’t such a messy, sausage-grinder process. But overall, it’s my home and I can’t complain. Happy Birthday, America~ I wish you peace.

The Lincoln Memorial~

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