Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blog #10 A wee bit about my Website~

I thought I’d take a moment to tell you about the look of my new website and blog, lovingly built for me by the talented team. Take you on the guided tour, so to speak.  I knew I didn’t have the skill to make a professional web site myself.  Maddee gave me the guidelines, but I chose the pictures and the colors. Quite by accident I think, I ended up with a banner that represents all the things I love. Well, most of them anyway.

The roses represent my love for all things growing, especially flowers. I’m so crazy about flowers I have an entire pinterest page devoted to nothing but flowers. Roses are especially lovely. And what’s more poetic than a lovely thing with thorns?

The ocean scene is also perfect for me since it’s probably my favorite place to be, on a beach somewhere. I almost became a marine biologist when I was younger. Oceans and water in general can usually be found somewhere in my stories. I even have a work in progress about pirates.  And of course, a pinterest page. J

The compass represents travel and exploration, and metaphorically, finding your way.  Exploration, both inside and out, is often featured in my stories as well.  None of these things was really planned! They’re just themes that appeal to me, I guess.  I’ll be blogging about themes and outlining in some future posts, but for now, check out my lovely Vintage pinterest page.

The arches of the old abbey represent the mysterious, intriguing places I love to take myself and my readers in my stories.  It was very difficult to choose just one image to represent “places” but I think this one captures it well.  I love travel and seeing new places, even if it’s just pictures of them.

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