Saturday, August 3, 2013

#SampleSunday on Saturday ~ my treat :)

I wanted to share a bit of my current work in progress with you, but I'm too impatient to wait until Sunday to do it. This is from Storyteller III: The Last Page. Enjoy~


Between awake and asleep,
I’ll find you again~  fairy ballad


Big, crisp, orange leaves floated down on the park like a constant, slow motion rain as the sunlight dappled the green grass.  Lily looked up at the clear blue, autumn sky. The swings swayed in the breeze without making a squeak. Lily knew this place. She had been here before.  She and Peter came here after school sometimes.

“Where are you?” she called out.

“Not far,” said a voice. “You can always find me if you know where to look.”

A wind chime on the porch of a house across the street played sweet tones, but there was no one there.

“Peter, come out!” It’s not fair if you use magic.”

“Are you sure? You’re so close.”

“I don’t see you anywhere.” There was no reply. “Please?”

“Oh, all right,” said Peter, right behind her. Lily whirled around to face him. He hung upside down from the monkey bars, his arms dangling in the air. “I win again.”

Lily wasn’t about to let him gloat. She tickled under his arms while he giggled and squirmed to get away. His legs slipped and he ended up in a heap on the grass, laughing as he knocked Lily down next to him. They lay there, catching their breath. Lily watched the white clouds against the blue sky, soaking up the sunshine on her skin. She couldn’t remember when she felt so happy, which is what made her realize she was dreaming. She reached out for Peter’s hand, hoping he was real. His fingers locked with hers, warm and firm.

“You said I could find you. Where are you now?”

“Do you know what a griffin is?”

“One of the portal keepers, isn’t it?”


“So, it’s some sort of magical creature.”

“A griffin is a lion with the head of an eagle. It’s beak and talons are like razors.”

“What does the griffin have to do with finding you?”

“You won’t be able to reach me until you find the griffin.”

“What do I have to do? Kill it?”

“No, restore it.”

“But how do I do that?”

“You’ve got to hurry.”

Suddenly, clouds covered the sun and the sky darkened.

“Peter?” Lily sat us and squeezed his hand, but he didn’t respond. The brightness of his eyes dimmed. Lily watched as the darkness seeped into the whites until they were solid black.


“Hurry, Lily. I haven’t got much time.”

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