Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 31 Day Blog Challenge~

I did it again! I went and signed up to do 31 blogs in 31 days again. I’m not sure why, although it was certainly a worthwhile exercise the first time.  As usual in my life, October is a busy month, but maybe not so much as July was. 

I’m wrapping up the Hush Puppy blog tour for the young adult novel I published in August. That means I’m guest posting or interviewing on several other blogs, which I’ll link to on the appropriate days.  As a means to promote the book, I also joined the month-long Meet the Characters blog event.  I’ll link there throughout the month too; there’s book giveaways over there!! You’ll want to check that out.

My writing task this month, aside from blogging, is completing the revision of Book III of the Storyteller series.  I aim to do 4-5 chapters a week, so you may hear a bit about that through the month. Hopefully, there won’t be too much gnashing of teeth.

I’ve also become a member of UNCommonYA, which is a group of young adult authors that has banded together to help promote each other’s work.  Once a week or so, there will be an author/book feature on my blog from UNCommonYA.  I’ve found that I like hosting visiting authors on the blog. I’ve met several lovely bloggers that helped me with my blog tour and I hope to feature them here in the future.

Halloween is also this month. I’m part of the 13 Stories till Halloween blog event this year, so you can look forward to some spooky stuff too.  Hope to see you around~


  1. Hi Lisa -- You certainly have been productive! Nice to see you again via the #31dbc.

  2. Dropping in to say hi! Found you on the #31dbc. LOVE that book cover to the left w/the lion. Wow! (www.julienneink.wordpress.com)

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Susan and Julienne! One thing I certainly haven't been in the last few months is bored. Glad you like the cover. You know what they say about books and their covers ;)