Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 20 ~ Another Milestone Reached

Well, Saturday behind us, I can now say I've had a real book signing in a real bookstore.  (My first signing was a bust because the store didn't receive the copies in time.)  Here's the pic to prove it...

That's my Hannah, who wandered the store, perusing manga books to buy, pestering strangers to check out my book, and bugging me for Starbuck's frappachinos. She's great support.  And then there's my super fan!

Obviously, she's a dear friend of mine, pictured here with four of the five copies she bought as gifts. She makes my day every time I see her.
Probably my favorite person of the day was the six year old girl that stopped by, not to look at the book, but to ask where the bathroom was. What a cutie!  I gave her bookmark. And then there was the lady who asked me all about writing children's books and getting published, but didn't buy a book. Oops! That's ok. The book isn't for everyone. I'll just say my favorite authors are the ones who support other authors. Have a lovely Sunday~ I hope you have time to pick up a book. :)

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