Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29 ~ #Gratitude Day

As a way of saying thanks to the lovely bloggers that supported the Hush Puppy blog tour, I wanted to feature each one for a moment and let you know what they’re up to. Each one is a writer in her own right. You might want to check out their work if you enjoy young adult and new adult fiction~
Stephanie Wardrop has just released “Pride and Prep School”, a delightful play on Jane Austen with a modern, young adult touch. There’s four novellas in this quirky series now. Be sure to check them out on Amazon.
Marissa Ames is about to release her newest novel “Minstrel”. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now and looks very intriguing. I love anything with a historical feel to it. Having met the lovely Marissa in a Facebook group known as “The Dark Fairy Queen and her Brilliant Minions”, I have a feeling there will be a bit of the fantastical to it as well. Just a hunch.
Morgan Shamy is super-blogger. She has so many followers because everyone loves her so much. I also happen to know she has some mad writing skills and will be shopping around her latest manuscript soon, if she isn’t already. Look out world! This wildcat’s gonna knock your socks off.
CJ Burright is a lover of all things romance. She has a new novel coming out in January from Swoon Romance that you might want to put on your ‘To be read’ list. Plus, she’s a sweetie pie.
Kenya Wright writes on the spicy side. I mean like habanero hot stuff. She’s not afraid to boldly go anywhere! And she’s kick-in-the-pants sassy. Be sure to pay her blog a visit for a little walk on the wild side.
Rachel Schieffelbein’s latest work “Run for the Roses” is out next month! She’s an accomplished horsewoman herself, so I’m sure her novella will be awesome. If you love horses, this one’s for you.
Kara Leigh Miller’s newest romance out is “Love and Other Games”, but she’s written a whole range of books from sweet to smexy. Check her out!
Laura James is currently working very hard (with Marissa Ames) to compile a group of fifty-something, Christmas-themed, flash fiction stories from dozens of authors, collectively and affectionately known as the Merry Minions. It should be available soon for free download. I, myself, made a contribution to the anthology.  I can’t imagine the amount of work these two ladies have put in on this anthology already. They’re truly an inspiration.
So thank you again, ladies! I appreciate your support so very much and I wish you every success in your future endeavors. 


  1. Thanks, Lisa! This is so sweet of you! I loved having you on my blog. :)

  2. Awww...you're a sweetie too, Lisa! I loved Hush Puppy, and it was my privilege to shine the ol' spotlight. :)