Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 26 ~ More on Themes

One thing I’ve really enjoyed about writing the Storyteller series is that it’s several stories within a story. I have a tendency to make my main characters into readers, so they’re always lugging around a book or reading something in a book, and, in Lily’s case, always learning crucial information from books.
Storyteller starts off in our world, but very soon, the reader is propelled into the epic fantasy of the True World, complete with pixies, trolls, dragons, and a whole host of other critters. I had to create an entire world, complete with its own mythology, which was probably the most fun for me as a writer. Not only did I get to write Lily’s story, I got to write the mythological tales of Galamar, a foolish, lovesick elf.
I grew up reading Greek and Norse mythology, so it was sheer delight to create my own.  Even better than that, it became integral to the story. I think it makes the series so much richer by adding even more themes. Galamar takes on three impossible tasks in order to win the object of his affection, with dire consequences for the rest of True World. The fall out is what Lily is faced with while trying to save her mom. I think the exploration of “we all make mistakes” and the importance of forgiveness make the Storyteller series unique and hopefully, satisfying for the reader.

As Lord Erik wrote~ Forgiveness is the greatest gift anyone can ever bestow, and the hardest.
If you haven’t yet read the Storyteller books, you can find them here. You’ve still got time to read the first two before the last one comes out! Enjoy~


  1. The more I read your blog, I know I have to see if my youngest daughter has read any of your books. She is interested in mythology and would love to become an author.

  2. That's great! Encouragement is the best thing for a young writer. Lots and lots of encouragement :)