Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2 Brainstorming

Ack!  I said I'd write a fantasy short story for a Christmas anthology and it's due Nov. 1.  Do you think I've even started??  As of Sept 30 I hadn't even thought about it, but that night I got a few minutes to start brainstorming, but lemme tell ya...thinking about Christmas when you've kinda got Halloween on the brain is a challenge!

But I buckled down and made myself start thinking. I've been wanting to try something steampunk for awhile....could this be the project? But what does steampunk have to do with Christmas? Nothing! Which is why it's perfect. When was the last time you read a steampunk Christmas story?!?! Me neither! It's so crazy, it just might work!

And then I thought...what do you never see in steampunk?? Besides Christmas, I mean?

I thought of a few things, but I won't ruin the surprise.  When I get my story finished, I promise I'll share.  I just wanted to get you thinking about brainstorming new ideas. It's always fun to take the traditional and turn it on its ear.

Of course, this is only a setting. A proper story needs a plot and compelling characters. Since I'm going out on a limb anyway, I think I'll try a little diversity...

How do you come up with new ideas??

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  1. I've seen people dress up steampunk, but I didn't ever think about it as a setting. In this case, do you mean a period piece in Victorian era or with modern day kids obsessed with the Victorian era? :)