Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21 ~ Book Review of Crossing by Andrew Xia Fukuda

Today, I'm posting my original review of Crossing by Andrew Xia Fukuda.  It's a little brief, so I'll add some commentary at the end.  It's a thriller, so I felt like I couldn't really reveal anything in the review.  Here's what I originally wrote right after finishing the book:

There are only a few things I can say about this book without ruining it, but here are the few things I will say.

1) OMFG!!! And that means a lot, coming from me because I rarely swear. You totally got me, Mr. Fukuda. Hats off to you!

2) A murder mystery with a laser beam focus on race and racism. If you read it, be prepared to have your heart ripped out at the end.

3) READ IT!!

That's it.

Ok, I realize that's not much to go on, so let me tell you a little more.  I think it's clear Mr. Fukuda wrote this book in response to the Virginia Tech shooting. If you recall, the shooter was an Asian-American man, and severely disturbed. Fukuda's book illuminates for the reader how such a thing may have happened with a murder mystery plot centered on an Asian immigrant high school student.  He makes you care deeply for the character and then something terrible happens. It is not a happy book, but it's an honest look at the ugly side of racism and mental illness in America. I think if you are interested in multicultural fiction, this book shouldn't be missed.

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