Monday, September 8, 2014

I truly believe #LifeisGood :)

I didn't personally know Tina, but I do believe in her motto #LifeisGood and I love sunflowers too, so I'm joining the Sunflower Blogfest in her honor. This bad boy is standing out in my garden right now, probably twelve feet tall. We may not know how much time we have in this world, but I hope we can all find time to savor the little joys that find us each day.

Like a nice bath..

Or a nice writing buddy...
~Wishing you Peace and Sunflowers my friends ~ this day and always~


  1. Thank you for taking time to honor dear Tina. She was "a giant" among bloggers with her colorful personality, so a 12-foot beauty is so fitting!

    Blessings, Sammy D

  2. What a beautiful flower! Tina would love it!

  3. That's some flower! Beautiful! And those little joys definitely add up to a wonderful life. :)

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  4. Tina will be missed, thank you for wonderful tribute.

  5. That is a big sunflower. Thanks for posting it for Tina.

  6. Your twelve-feet-tall 'bad boy' is perfect... bold & larger-than-life, just like Tina!
    Thank you!
    Life is good!

  7. That is a gigantic sunflower! So cool!
    Thanks for sharing it for Tina.
    Thank you,

  8. :)
    Your tribute made me smile. I'm sure Tina would smile too.

  9. Each photo was a great message and tribute!