Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Emisary book tour~ Tips on Hiding Your Shay Power by Main Character Nolan Trividar

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Tips for hiding your Shay
by Nolan Trividar

 The easiest way to hide your Shay power, is by the simple art of deception.  With Accuracy, I simply aim for the wrong location, so I give the impression of being  normal and inaccurate. From even simple things, like my writing, I have to be careful and makes mistakes. A few extra ink spots tossed in. Anything to give the deception of imperfection.

However this technique has some complications.  First and foremost, you must learn to hide your eyes from glowing. When you are aiming, incorrectly even, your Shay still responds and makes itself known. Luckily I hide frequently in my room when writing. Out in public, I have to be more careful.

The technique I learned to hide the light, is to sit and stare into a mirror. Experiment at what intensity of your power does the light emerge. Feel it inside you and practice restraint and control.  Hold back before it takes form.

You can sense the light when it illuminates. Recognize it so you know when it shows. You can’t stop using your Shay; it’s impossible. The key to hiding it is to push it down, so you are in control of it instead of it controlling you.

 It takes a lot of patience to reach this level of skill. Luckily for me, Accuracy glows blue. My blue eyes made my early mistakes easier to disguise.  Also, Accuracy is one of the easier ones to conceal.  Shay powers, such as Strength and Speed, would be more difficult. Red glowing eyes and smashing tables or doors would be hard to explain.  So would yellow eyes and zipping off across a room.

If you end up having one of the more predominant Shays, well … good luck with that one.  My suggestion would be to find a nice cave, where no one can see your mistakes. Be well-prepared before you emerge in public.

Hopefully these tips will help you conceal your Shay.

Oh, and one more thing: Remember, that if you slip up, you’ll be dead.

It’s illegal to hide your Shay.

Title: The Emissary
Publication date: September 23, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Kristal Shaff
For hundreds of years, dark clouds covered the skies of Adamah, and an ageless king ruled. Those who emerged with one of six extraordinary Shay powers were forced into the king’s army, an unmatched force with inhuman Strength, Speed, Accuracy, Perception, Empathy, and Healing. With the army behind him, the king—a man who wields all six abilities—was invincible and unquestioned in his rule. To most, serving the king was an honor. But for others, it was a fate worse than death.
When seventeen-year-old Nolan Trividar witnesses the transformation of his brother from kind to cruel after entering the king’s army, he vows never to follow the same path.
So when his own power—the Shay of Accuracy—comes upon him at the Tournament of Awakening, Nolan conceals his emergence instead of joining the king’s ranks. For years, he traitorously hides his power, pretending to be only a gifted scribe. But when Nolan comes face -to-face with a deserter, the man discovers his secret.
To evade detection and a death sentence, Nolan escapes with the deserter and flees into a night filled with dark creatures who steal both powers and souls. He joins a resistance, a village hidden deep in the forest, filled with others who secretly wield a Shay. But his peace is short-lived when they discover that the dark clouds, undead creatures, their own decreasing powers, and even the king, are all connected.

Kristal Shaff grew up with books (and used to drive her mom crazy when she wouldn’t leave the library); her first job was even shelving books at the library. She loves anything creative, and you can often find her exploring strange and fantastical worlds in her choices of movies and fantasy fiction. Kristal resides in Iowa with her farmer husband, numerous pets, and 3 awesome  kids (plus one more on the way though the journey of adoption). When she isn’t writing, she is a professional face painter who enjoys making children smile.

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