Monday, November 11, 2013

Storyteller Book III Release Day!

For those of you who have been waiting, the wait is over! I sure appreciate your support over the course of this trilogy. It's been a labor of love and I'm honored to be able to share it with you. I uploaded the file to Smashwords this morning. In no time at all, it should work it's way out to other distributors, such as Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo, and iBooks. I hope you'll find it at your favorite ebook store and download it soon.  And if you missed the first two books in the series, you'll want to read those too.

Here's the brief description, although it might be a tad bit spoilerish if you haven't already read Books I and II:

When her story began in Storyteller: The True World, Lily Lightfoot didn’t know she was a fairy with the power to make things happen, just by telling a story, but then everything changed. Now she’s on a quest to save the True World with only a few friends to help her. Her mother and her best friend captured, it’s up to Lily to complete the Quest of Galamar – a centuries old fairy tale. All she has to do is figure out how to turn back time. Easy, right?

In Storyteller Book II: The Quest of Galamar, Gabriel sent the three friends to find the Full Moon Amulet, hidden deep in the mountains and guarded by a fierce dragon. The amulet, one of four moonstones created ages ago by the fabled elf warrior Galamar, holds the power of the Northern Portal keeper, Ironblood the dragon. Whoever possesses all four amulets has the power to recreate or destroy the True World. Gabriel’s brother, Lord Kane, will stop at nothing to have the ancient powers for himself and keep Lily from fulfilling the Prophecy of Galamar.

Now, the amulet recovered, Lily loses her guardian and best friend in the process. The only way to save him is to face the remaining portal keepers, the Griffin and the Harpy, and Lord Kane himself. As the True World prepares for an epic battle, Lily races to find those she loves and fulfill the ancient quest before it’s too late.

Enjoy the journey~

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