Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Trailer fun~ :)

One of the most enjoyable parts of writing a book is creating the world for it. That's just what I had the pleasure of doing while creating my fantasy Storyteller series, now available in it's entirety.  The book trailers are pretty fun to make as well.

In the first book, The True World, Lily Lightfoot is living in our world when she discovers a remarkable book that allows her to follow the footsteps of her long, lost mother in a world far away from our own - The True World. Home to fairies, elves, pixies, dragons and more, the True World is fading fast. The balance of power has been disturbed by Lord Kane. Her mother is in danger and Lily finds a way to enter the True World to save her.

Upon arrival, Lily learns her mother and grandmother have been captured by Formorians in league with Lord Kane, an elf who has seized power from his three brothers and taken over the True World. Formorians, who were inspired by an Irish folk tale, inhabit the bodies of other creatures of all kinds. Lily also learns she has a pivotal role to play in this conflict. The daughter of an elf and a fairy, she must right the wrongs of an ancient knight, Galamar, to fulfill a prophecy and bring peace back to the True World.
In the final book, The Last Page, Lily continues her search for the remaining Portal Keepers - four mythological beings that were once tasked with protecting the four entrances to the True World. Restoring their powers is the only hope to save their dying world. In the end, Lily learns that the power inside her~ her love~ is the strongest weapon in any world. I hope you enjoy it~


  1. Stopping in from Kid Lit Blog hop, and this series looks great - I'm sure my teenaged daughter would love it. (The trailer looks great too!)