Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joining the #KidLit Blog Hop this week~

Hello and welcome to my blog, if you're new to it. I'm excited to be joining the Kid Lit Blog Hop this week. Each link at the bottom of this post features another blog devoted to children's literature. I hope you'll visit a few and share the bloggy love. :)  But while I've got you here, I'd like to tell you a bit about why and how I write. So far, I've self published a middle grade fantasy series, Storyteller, and a traditionally published young adult novel, Hush Puppy.
Writing is hard and rewriting even harder, but the reason I do it is for the themes I love.  I've blogged about themes in my young adult writing several times, but it's a subject I never get tired of. To me, the theme is the whipped cream with the cherry on top of a story. It just isn't magical without one.
My current work in progress is about a teen girl who loses her father in a boating accident. On the surface there's a paranormal story line, but the underlying theme of the tale is about letting go of the places and people of our past and moving on toward our future, whatever that may be. Letting go, or accepting change, is one of the hardest things for any human being to do. We all resist change to some degree. Oh boy, do we ever resist!
You might think, woah, that's kind of a heavy subject for a story meant for young adults. Perhaps it is, but even kids aren't immune to change in their lives. In fact, kids might have to deal with even more change than adults do because adults rule most everything they do. We all have to learn the big lessons of life, sometimes much younger than we'd like. What better place to do that than in the safety of a book?
Think about your favorite books from your childhood. What themes stayed with you? I'd like to hear what you think, as readers and as writers.
I hope you'll have a look around and enjoy the site. I've been blogging like a fiend this year, so there's lots to read!  Enjoy the blog hop!

Welcome to the 28th Kid Lit Blog Hop. We have come a long way since then with many familiar faces that visit on a regular basis as well as new bloggers and authors who join us all the time. All in all, we have managed to create a dynamic and engaged community of children's books bloggers, authors, publishers, and publicists, as well as parents seeking out their next great read. So, if you haven't joined us in a while, please pop in a post and hop around to meet some of the new bloggers who have joined the Hop. If you are one of our regulars - thank you so much and Happy Hopping to all! Joining us as co-hosts this week are The Stanley and Katrina Gang who are responsible for the fun middle grade book The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets and Lisa T. Cresswell, author of the Storyteller series for middle grade and the young adult novel, Hush Puppy. Big welcome to Stanley and Katrina (and the rest of the gang) and Lisa! Please be sure to give each of our hosts and co-hosts a visit to say a quick hello and we'll be sure to visit you right back!

Happy Hopping everyone and enjoy the Hop!

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  1. I am new to this hop. Cool Mom (Stanley & Katrina) introduced me. It looks like a wonderful place to visit regularly.

    As for "heavy" topics and kids, I think there are things they need to learn and when done gently or in a caring manner, it is better to introduce them to things at a younger age. They are more resilient than us old folks.

  2. Hi, Lisa!
    Stanley & Katrina are thrilled to be co-hosting with you this week.
    We are new followers (twitter & fb), too.
    My daughter is ten but mature beyond her years. Anything that I think would be too heavy for her I read first so that we can discuss, if she feels she needs to. She has read the Hunger Games and we've had some great discussions around it. She's working on the second book, Catching Fire now but she won't be reading the third for a few years - too many adult themes in it. I think for ya books it is reader specific and family specific. As for my childhood, I didn't read nearly as much as my daughter does. Pretty much more about hobbies that I was interested in than any fiction. I guess I was always a geek. ;)
    Happy to have met you and be a new follower. Hi, DogsMom!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week,
    Christine M/Cool Mom

  3. Thanks for joining the Hop this week Lisa! Its nice to meet you.
    I agree that there are books with deep themes that have a long staying power. I remember reading stories in my childhood which had strong themes especially reading cultural books like the Ramayana and Mahabharta which by many standards are heavy reading when read them the right way! I wish you success on your journey of writing. It is indeed challenging but it is also extremely rewarding I would presume? Looking forward to hearing more from you!
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

  4. Hi Lisa, so wonderful to have you on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I loved your post and how you delight in themes. I have realised, I think I do too, but mine are usually centred around kids with disabilities or differences, learning to celebrate them and grow into the person they can be. I too was not a great reader as a child, but I think "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boon, was one of the books I read as a teenager that truly impacted me. I learned of pain and struggle so intense in the fight for survival that it has never ever left me. Thanks again for joining us on the Hop

  5. Welcome to the Kid Lit Blog Hop, Lisa. You have a great site and I enjoyed getting to know more about your writing through your post.

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by and all the kind words~ I can't believe there's already so many linkys - over 50! If anyone ever wants to trade guest posts, let me know! I'm gearing up for a book tour with Enchanted Book Tours, so if anyone wants to host me, give me a shout :)

  7. When I think of themes I think of Cynthia Voight's books and growing up to quick and learning self-reliance. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.

    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  8. Hi Lisa, your blog hop is exciting. I remember two Nigerian stories, EZE GOES TO SCHOOL and WEEP NOT CHILD.

    I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect! Here's mine;

  9. Saw your link on Tween the Weekend. I'm a fellow lover of kid books. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Thanks for joining us as co-host on the Kid Lit Blog Hop this week! I think there is a way to introduce heavier themes with young children. They are much more resilient than we give them credit for. Glad we connected!