Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Dog's Tale

You know that feeling when you wake up and someone who's been with you for 13 1/2 years isn't there? It sucks.

This week we said goodbye to our Daisy girl. She first showed up, dumped at our house in the country, in January 2003. I never thought in a million years I'd own a bully breed. I know why someone dumped her. She was crazy wild destructive. I got her fixed and kept her in my laundry room to keep her quiet. She tore that room up like a Tasmanian Devil, including ripping the molding off the door jam, stepping on a nail, and smearing blood everywhere. I borrowed a metal dog crate and she bent the bars with her teeth, trying to get out. I tied her out with a horse rope lead and she chewed through the rope. I had to resort to a choke collar, which seems cruel, but it was the only collar that she couldn't slip off over her ears. It didn't hurt her. Her pain tolerance was sky high. I would have given her away, but I didn't want to saddle someone else with her bad behavior. I just knew they would hate me, or worse, end up dumping her again. So she stayed with us.

Daisy loved to chase cars. It was a pathological compulsion for her. I tried to keep her tied up, but when she ran loose, she was always chasing cars. I'm sure my neighbors hated us some days. Honestly, I always thought a car would get her one day, but she was wicked fast and always managed to avoid being seriously hurt. She also had a naughty habit of finding all sorts of nasty, dead things and bringing them home to chew on. She was a great mouser too. She really was a dog's dog.

Daisy wasn't spoiled, but she had a really great life, running through the brush, digging in the dirt, getting into trouble. The vet said she was probably a mixed breed pit bull. Like I said, I never wanted a pit bull, but I got one. Daisy taught me a lesson that's true for people and dogs alike. Never judge someone by their appearance. She was a pit bull, but she was also a sweetheart. 

Goodbye sweetie~ have fun running with Jakey and Snickers~ give them doggie kisses for us~xoxo love you forever

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day ~ Here I am Again

When we're young, we think our lives are on a trajectory from low to high. We start small and life just keeps getting easier and better we go on, right? Now, looking back on what is most likely the first half or so of my life, I'm starting to believe the trajectory is more like a circle. We're constantly circling back around to the place we were before, just a little wiser than the last time.