Saturday, November 20, 2010

Short Rant...I promise

I just want to express for a moment how frustrating it is for a writer who's tried to hone their craft, follow every rule, only to find the rules continually broken in published books.  And then I promise I'll stop because I don't want to be a downer.

I've been attending writing conferences, talking one on one to editors, visiting some very insightful agent blogs, reading/studying about writing, etc. etc. for a very long time.  The advice is all about having a distinctive voice, an alluring first line, conflict throughout.  And read all the time they tell you; read everything.  So I do that too.  I picked up a book, got it at a recent writer's conference no less, and started to read.  I've read probably four chapters now and have yet to figure out just what the conflict will be/is.  How did that author get away with that???  This is the same conference at which a highly respected editor told me she wants to know who the main character is and what their issue is on the very first page!

All right then, that's enough of that.  Just wanted to get it off my chest!  On the bright side,  we just got our first real snow of the season so the kids are preoccupied and I have a shiny, bright new idea for a novel I'm working on....much to be Thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!