Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome to my stop on the Black Beauty Tour

Black Beauty

by Constance Burris

ISBN: 978-1515275893, 1515275892
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 182
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Horror

~About the Book~

At Vista Apartment Complex, life drastically changes for four of its residents when they decide to do business with Crazy Jade—the supposed voodoo witch who can grant your wish for a price.

Shemeya wants the confidence to stand up against the girls bullying her at school, but she soon has to choose between keeping her dreadlocs or living a normal life. After catching her boyfriend cheating, Latreece just wants to have the same curves as all the other girls. Ashley will do whatever she can to have “White Girl Flow”, but takes her pursuit too far when she steals from Crazy Jade.

Everyone who comes into contact with Crazy Jade soon learns the true price of her magic—and how horribly wrong it can go.

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~About the Author~ 

Constance Burris is on a journey to take over the world through fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Her mission is to spread the love of speculative fiction to the masses. She is a proud blerd (black nerd), mother, and wife. When she is not writing and spending time with her family, she is working hard as an environmental engineer in Oklahoma City.
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~Author Guest Post~
Black Beauty’s Beauty Issues

Black Beauty is a weird name for an urban fantasy. I probably should have thought harder on the title. But the title came to me before the story did. Through Black Beauty, I wanted to write a series of stories that explored black beauty standards. Because I'm a spec fic author it had to fantastical, and because I'm twisted, it had be horrific.

Below are Four issues horrified and fantasized in Black Beauty:

Natural Hair (Shemeya)

I don't think this is as bad as it used to be, but once the natural hair exploded (again) some of the relaxed ladies felt like the natural hair ladies were looking down on them. But I wanted to point out… that just cause you relax your hair, it doesn't mean you don't love yourself. And just because someone has natural hair, it doesn't mean they are not vain as hell.

Interracial Relationships (Andre)

Real talk. Back in my single days when I was like 'woe is me I can't find no man', I resented the brothas who seemed to jump over sistas real quick for pale-skinned women. But I got over that isht. Love is love no matter what skin colors involved. Through Black Beauty and Andre's story, I was able to explore interracial relationships.

FYI, I actually heard a young brother say that he thought "black girl look like cockroaches."

Good Hair (Ashley)

I was home one random day watching the Tyra Banks Show, and they were doing the mandatory good hair show. There was a girl on there who's goal in life was to have White Girl Flow. The term alone screams self-hatred. But is the pursuit to have straight hair a racial issue or beauty issue?

If you're black and you live in an area where most everyone is trying to have straight hair, does it mean you're trying to be white or trying to fit in?

Real Women have Curves and Lines (Latreece)

I'm dark and a little on the chubby side. My daughter is light and thin. I always thought skinny yella girls had it easy. But seeing my daughter struggle with the same issues I had growing up, let me see that yella aint betta and skinny isn't all it's cracked up to be. They have the same insecurities.

What do you think? How did you cope with good hair vs natural hair, curvy girls vs skinny girls, would you cut your hair to live a normal life?

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