Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hush Puppy play list

I don't usually start writing fiction with music in mind or even with music on. I find music with words is too distracting for first drafting for me. It's usually after I write a rough draft that I come across music that fits the story.  Here's the play list for Hush Puppy. Have a listen.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops just evokes the South to me in such a funky, soulful way. I love it. Especially Snowden's Jig, which is almost ominous. I could easily see it leading up to the climatic scene of the book.

Linkin Park may seem like a strange choice, but they have some really beautiful voices when they aren't screaming, trust me. Their lyrics really seem to speak to what it's like to be poor and disrespected, striving for something more in life. Maybe getting it and maybe not.

And Stay by Rhianna and Mikky Ekko is just plain beautiful. Just like in Hush Puppy, the romance goes in circles, there's hesitation and deep affection. It's just the sort of confusing, crazy in love story as Corrine and Jaime have.

If you haven't read Hush Puppy yet, here's a link to it on Southern Literary Review. Check it out~

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