Friday, August 1, 2014

Here I go again~

It's August. Another month with 31 days,beginning and ending on a weekend. The other thing about August is it's my last month of summer without a lot of the familial obligations that come along with the school year. Why is this important? Because I was so inspired by JuNoWriMo (the 50,000 words in a month challenge) I've decided to do it again in August.

I've spent July outlining several books and settled on one to start writing. The working title is Crawdad. I know, I know! I haven't even typed up the entire book I wrote in June, but that can wait till winter. Editing can be done in short bursts, a bit here, a bit there. I've found I rather like writing a first draft in a focused, short timeframe. I'm not exactly sure if the result is any good, but I know it's far easier to fix a rough draft than a blank page. I figure if I can get another draft knocked out now, I can spend the school year fixing them and have something ready for submission next spring.

So here I go! Deep breath! Diving into my next story starting today. I may not blog much for the next month. I'm so far behind on my Goodreads reading goal I'll never catch up. But never mind all that! I gotta write! ~See you in September~

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