Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July is here!

July is here. July means many things: hot weather finally, my birthday, and this year it means the end of #JunNoWriMo - June Novel Writing Month.  I think I actually did it this time too. I've participated in NaNoWriMo before, knowing at the start I wouldn't finish the book I was working on, but this time I think I did it. I had to give up a lot to write 50,000 words in a month. I had to give up reading anyone else's fiction. I gave up my morning yoga time to write instead, which proved to be the best time for me to get some peace and quiet. I gave up some of my lunch hours too. I say I "think" I've done it because technically I don't know my word count, but I filled up 250 pages in a notebook, so it's probably close. I also got to write the words "The End" and I don't do that till a story is ended, so for me, that seals the deal.

Is it a masterpiece? a best seller? Probably not, but it's a rough draft and I can work with a rough draft, polish it up until it shines.  Therefore, I declare July is the month of reading, typing, editing, and outlining my next projects. It's also the month of exercise because I let that slip in June too. And it will be a month of introspection. Maybe I want to write my books this way from now on? I'm not sure, but I know I sure enjoy "instant" gratification (or at least quicker).

No word on The Color of Water yet, but I reread my query the other day and thought "dang! that's good!" What publisher wouldn't want that? :) They just haven't gotten to it yet.

K peeps~ July is here. Gotta get busy! Check you later!

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  1. *big hug* Congrats, Lisa! You wrote a book in a month! That's awesome. This is my first time writing like this, too. Until I see how disastrous the edits will be, the jury is still out for me too. :) One thing is certain you get more done when you set goals and have to compete to meet them. Always good to be productive.