Sunday, June 2, 2013

Writing Update: Oregon here I come!


I’m getting excited for the Oregon Coast Writer’s workshop coming up in July. The emails have been flying back and forth about the class in preparation, only making it worse.  I have to send in a writing sample for the instructors, so I’ve been debating on that. I think I will send in Vessel, since it’s newest and it’s something I want to work on perfecting.  I’ve queried it to a couple agents and publishers, but no bites so far. Given my generally positive experience with self publishing so far, I don’t think I would hesitate to publish it myself if it comes to that.

Every trip we’ve taken to Oregon has taken us to a new beach. This time it’s a place called Oceanside, perched on a cliff, not far from Tillamook – cheese capitol of the west. Things I’m looking forward to – tide pools, seafood, and writing/photography.  Things I’m not looking forward to – fog, rain, and any form of cold weather.  Our spring has been too cold and I’m ready for summer now. Got that Oregon?? I want sunshine!


My latest project is the third book in the Storyteller series, working title “The Last Page”.  All the chapters are outlined (I’m a huge outline fan) and I’m just finishing Chapter One this week.  My goal is at least chapter a week. If I can do that, I’ll have a book in six months. That would be lightening speed for me. Maybe with the kids out of school and dance lessons for the summer, I can do it. I’m having fun with it anyway. I guess that’s what’s important.

I’m hoping to reveal the cover of Hush Puppy in the next week or so. I’ve been lucky enough to have a publisher that allowed me input into the cover design and I think it’s going to be really beautiful. Can’t wait to show you!



  1. I'd love to hear about it when you return. I've thought of doing that conference many times.


    1. Yes, I've heard great things about it. I will certainly give an update, maybe even during the week I'm there if I get the chance.