Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A New Start ~ Vessel returns

I have news! My young adult, sci-fi, dystopian Vessel is returning in print. 

Call it Vessel 2.0 :)

You might recall, it was previously published as an e-book. I think that puts a book at a bit of a disadvantage, at least for young adult books. As technologically advanced as we think we are, print books are still in demand and many young readers only read print. Lesson learned!

If you haven't heard about the book before, it's the story of a slave girl and a thief who find themselves in a fight against the Reticents, a secret society that has claimed all knowledge for themselves after a solar storm wipes out all digital data on Earth.

So, now that the cover for the new edition is ready, I'd like to share it with you....

You can add Vessel to your Goodreads list now. 
The new print edition is available on Amazon

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