Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dear Teen Me

I'm guest blogging over on the Dear Teen Me website today. This is what I wrote~

I wish I knew what to tell you, teen me. You're going through some of the roughest stuff of your life. It may not seem like it, but it will get better one day. I promise you that, so put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

I don't know if you'll listen to any advice because you're kind of hard headed. I know you're going to do it your own way, but if you're inclined to listen, here's a few bits of advice from an older, hopefully wiser you~

1. Don't ever stop writing. I know you aren't very good with criticism of any kind. You're going let that stop you from learning your craft for far too long. You're going to stop writing (or trying to write) for years, and it's a damn shame. I'm here to tell you: Don't stop for nothing.

Don't stop because of the crummy English teacher that makes everyone feel inadequate. Don't stop because your friends don't see the point or aren't interested or someone laughs at you. Don't stop because you can't figure out how to write a novel from beginning to end or you can't think of a decent plot to save your life. DON'T STOP.

2. Write everything. Maybe a novel is too big of a project to start with. Write poems and haikus. Write plays and scripts, short stories, long stories, novellas and one day, novels. Try it all.

3. Let go of jealousy and practice kindness. I know this one is tough for you, but the sooner you stop comparing yourself to everything and everyone, the happier you'll be. Jealousy is a total waste of mental energy. Don't waste one minute more of your life on jealousy. Just DON'T.

I know you'll do all these things eventually, but sooner would be so much better than later. Trust me. I know. Any yes, you will get better at making your hair look less like a mess.

~ About author Lisa T. Cresswell ~

Lisa lives in Idaho, which thinks of itself as a little of the Old West. There's a lot of dust and rocks, which is perfect for her day job as an archaeologist. There's also solitude and quiet, which is good for reading and writing, her favorite pursuits. She writes young adult contemporary/fantasy/scifi with a bit of middle grade tossed in for fun. Her newest YA scifi novel, Vessel, is coming May 26, 2015. She has an unhealthy addiction to chocolate almonds and trying to garden in a desert. You can learn everything you'd possibly want to know about Lisa and her books at .

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