Thursday, April 2, 2015

Meet my Spring 2015 YA Scavenger Hunt Guest ~YA Author Lorie Ann Grover

Happy YA Scavenger Hunt!

Hey YA Scavengers! Thanks for stopping
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I'm so happy to introduce to you the Spring 2015 YA Scavenger Hunt Authors! We have eight outstanding teams this season. I am going to be a part of #TeamPurple! The Scavenger Hunt runs from April 2nd through April 5th beginning and ending at noon Pacific time on those days. If you've never been a part of the hunt before you should give it a try. It runs like a giant blog hop, introducing you to new YA authors and books along the way. There are tons of prizes including a grand prize for each team. If you win one of the grand prizes you will get a book from each author on that team! For more information and to make sure you get hunt updates, sign up for news on the #YASH website. You don't want to miss out on this fabulous and fun event, but play fast because the hunt is only live for three days.

I'm hosting YA author Lorie Ann Grover for the Scavenger Hunt, author of Hit and Firstborn, Kirkus Starred Review. 

~About the Author~

Lorie Ann Grover is an author of young adult novels including HIT. Hypable calls the work, “a powerful book about tragedy and recovery which shows you both sides of the story, for better or worse.” Her novel FIRSTBORN received a starred review from Kirkus, while LOOSE THREADS was named a Booklist Top 10 Youth First Novel. As a literacy advocate, she is a co-founder of readergirlz, awarded the National Book Foundation’s Innovations in Reading.

~Bonus Material~

I'll let Lorie tell you about her bonus material for the Scavenger Hunt~

When I'm conceptualizing a novel, I often make a vision board for the material. It is my touch point throughout the entire process, from first draft to publication. I try to capture setting, characters, objects, and conflicts. This was my collage for Firstborn.

Very cool idea!!

I also compile a collection on Pinterest to broaden the visual scope during my rewrites. Here are my pins for Firstborn.

Because the impetus for Firstborn was an article on gendercide, the purposeful annihilation of a gender, I created this series by using Polyvore to draw attention to the atrocity. After pinning the collection, Pinterest kindly featured the board in 2014! Here is one example from the group of 30.
OK Scavengers! I'm pretty good at keeping secrets. Probably 8 times better than average :)
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