Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Hawaiian Getaway~

Once again, the importance of getting out of one's comfort zone was made clear to me this Spring Break. This time I was lucky enough to go to Hawaii! For this desert dweller, it was like going to a whole 'nother world.

I resolved this year to do something I'd never done before, so I signed up for whale watching and snorkeling. This guy with the ukulele was playing the theme to Gilligan's Island as we boarded the was indeed a three hour tour! wise guy ;)

We saw a humpback whale surface a few times, but it was pretty far away. It was still a thrill to know that they're out there. The humpbacks spend the winter in Hawaii before they migrate north for the summer. Pretty smart critters.
Then we snorkeled off the back of the boat here~
I know that weather looks a bit ominous, but we were on the drier south side of the island of Oahu and it didn't rain while we were there. Turns out, the weather hits the north side of the island first and drops most of it's rain there before it reaches the south side. The result is a continual flow of clouds and sun all day. The trade winds kept the 80 degree temps from ever being too hot. I never even saw a mosquito!  In fact, this was the day I got a little sunburned on my back and shoulders, probably during the snorkeling.

I really hoped to attend a yoga class on the beach at the resort, but it just didn't work out as it wasn't offered every day. However, I did manage swim and luau plenty. I also did a treasure hunt with Ryan on the grounds of our resort with a special tablet to give us clues to the secret locations. It sent some kind of a wireless signal to make the "treasures" appear - lighting tiki torches, erupting the volcano, surfacing a turtle in the koi pond. The funniest part was secretly making water squirt the swimmers in the various pools :)  hehe!

I hope you enjoyed your spring break too peeps! Now back to the work of writing, renewed and refreshed. :) Peace~

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