Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Story I want to write

In the last year, I’ve written a lot of new material. Over the summer, I wrote two rough, first drafts for two very different projects. One, a total fantasy/steam punk adventure tale, and the other, a contemporary YA. I’m loving them both for different reasons. Now that I’ve done that, what do I want to write next?

I don’t really know. It's kind of like figuring out what you want to read next.

The other project I started and abandoned this year was a historical romance set during WW I. The plot, rehashed from an old script I wrote years ago, was terrible. I can understand now why it doesn’t work. I still want to salvage it, but it think it might become something entirely different. I’ve always loved historical novels and gothic things, so I may tackle that next. Old Southern, gothic creepy thing? We’ll see where the muse takes me.  But first I have to finish the two in progress! 

How about you? What are you reading/writing now?

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