Monday, November 24, 2014

Diverse Book Tours Presents!

Welcome to my first Diverse Blog Tours Book Post!
I'm excited to support diverse books for young people any way I can and I encourage you to do the same by buying and reading and supporting diverse books. Today, I'd like to introduce you to "The Secret Life of Jenny Liu" by Jean Ramsden. Enjoy~

~10 Random Notes About “The Secret Life of Jenny Liu”~
1. Inspiration: A quiet, diverse middle-grade heroine that secretly solves problems.
2. Time to Outline: five months
3. Time to Write: five months Book Events Based on My Experiences 
I moved frequently as a child.
When I lived in southern VA, I took part in a whipped cream party, except that we used pies!
When I lived in the Washington, D.C. area, math races were a stressful part of my day.When I lived in upstate New York, my fifth-grade teachers got married.
 5. Favorite Character: Jenny. She is caring, complex, brave, creative and unique.
6. Favorite Character to Write: Ms. Candy. Creating a great teacher who is eccentric was so fun!
7. Favorite Scene: When Aidan helps Nadia clean the classroom walls.
8. Funniest Scene: When Aidan explodes the volcano and covers the classroom in water.
9. Favorite Tag Team: Aidan & Nadia
10.Favorite Ms. Candy Saying: “Madder than pigs on stilts.” It creates such a fantastic visual!

~About the Book~

Title: The Secret Life of Jenny Liu
Publisher: Jabber & Jam Books
Pages: 262
Genre: Middle Grade/ Juvenile Fiction

Jenny Liu is on the move again. Except this time, she hasn’t landed at yet another Chinese-American School in California but at a public school in South Carolina. Shy, artistic Jenny wonders if she will ever figure out how to fit in amongst rowdy fifth graders and eccentric teachers with hard-to-understand southern accents. To make matters worse, the class thinks she is super smart and her piano teacher thinks she is a musical genius. With school activities that test her intelligence and an upcoming piano recital, it’s getting harder for Jenny to do what’s right—to tell the truth—especially since she knows that The Real Jenny Liu would be even more of an outsider. Or would she?

~About The Author~


Jean Ramsden is a writer, producer and educational consultant. She graduated from Cornell University and Harvard University, and lives in North Carolina with her husband and four children. Connect: @jean_ramsden

Check out her book!,%201

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  1. *waves!*

    Hallo, Hallo Ms Cresswell,

    I joined this blog tour a bit too late to participate, but seeing the book synopsis & reading about the story overall garnished my interest because I personally adore stories of coming-of age! They are always so uniquely different per character you are introduced too but they have such a hearty depth of insight -- not only in the growing years of our lives but the lessons & insights that truly last throughout all the days we are walking our journey and sorting out everything we're meant to see! :)

    Eek! I have the best ever news to share with you!! :) I took a break from writing my comment & I jumped over on my library's ILL database!? Ironically, the server is down for remote use, as I know for bonefide fact the ILL cat is always available -- so I was not deterred! I promptly picked up the phone, rang my branch librarian, and after a few searches *boom!* I have ILL'd (inter-library loaned) "The Secret Life of Jenny Liu"!!! I am beyond elated!! :) I just loved this synopsis & idea about the central character and her journey towards understanding who she is!! :) I don't know who was happier?! Myself or my librarian!? I nearly hung up before giving her my card # and she said, "ooh how delightful!" I will put this in straightaway! I also turnt in the request to fix the remote access -- but the best bit?! I get to read this beautiful lovely soon! Therefore expect a follow-up from me! (avg fortnight to three weeks to receive ILL books)

    So happy to support this book on the blog tour! I'll tweet your stop later too! :)

    I was happy to see the teacher (Ms Candy) was writ to be eccentric yet student focused -- we need strong teachers in our stories as much as we need awesomely strong teachers in real life! :) How wicked then!? A beautiful story anchored by an incredible lead & a teacher who cares about her students! :)