Monday, June 16, 2014

Just another #MondayBlogs post~

Hi peeps,

I've been thinking lately and here's what I want to know:

I've seen on Twitter recently that agents say they can't sell paranormal or fantasy right now. Of course, I'm "hearing" this second hand, so bear with me, but I do believe it is the general trend.

I'm sure that's because publishers have told them "no fantasy", but why? Just look at the most popular movies and television shows of the last few years, many of which are based on books~

Marvel superhero movies = comic book fantasy
Lord of the Rings = high fantasy
City of Bones, Divergent, Hunger Games = dystopian fantasy
Game of Thrones = high fantasy
Maleficent, Frozen = high fantasy
Star Wars, Star Trek, Enders Game = sci-fi fantasy
I saw recently where The Giver, another dystopian fantasy by Lois Lowery is also coming to the screen soon. It's clear, the public wants fantastical stories, so why, why, why would a publisher refuse to offer them such books??? It seems ridiculous to me.
To the writers, publishers, and agents still putting out fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi, I say "Hats off to you!! Thank you for supporting readers!"

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  1. Screw what the industry thinks will sell. I'm going to write what I love and that's the beauty of being an independent author. My two cents.

    Anyway, I found your blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe. It's nice to connect.

    World of C. D. Verhoff