Sunday, December 8, 2013

Updates from the Storyteller tour~

The Storyteller books have been making stops all over the internet and there's even a few reviews.
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About Book I: The True World
I loved Lily. She was a little childish, but very innocent, good-natured and a generally nice person. She’s a daydreamer too, the kind of person who’s always elsewhere with their thoughts, and this gets her into trouble more than once, but also made her rather charming. Peter gets bonus points too for being a supportive friend, even if everyone else was making fun of Lily.
The story was great, with a nice plot, awesome characters and a lot of humor and fun. The fantasy world we encounter in this novel is filled with faeries, elves, and all sorts of other magical creatures. There were plenty of plot twists, and the writing was decent too. An excellent read for middle graders and young adults.

 About Book II: The Quest of Galamar
I loved Lily and Peter in this adventure. They’ve grown a little, matured a little, since the first book, especially Lily. They have an unique, caring friendship that I found very charming. Even Heather has some endearing qualities here, although I continue to dislike her for how she treats Lily some of the time.
The characters may be loveable, but it’s the fast-paced plot and thrilling adventure that urges the book forward. I loved the True World, which is described well and sufficiently detailed to picture it, and the many creatures inhabiting it. There was always something new right around the corner, and when you thought the story would go one way, it twisted into another direction.
A great fantasy read. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get started on the third book in this series.

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