Wednesday, September 4, 2013

William Hazelgrove introduces you to THE PITCHER's main character!

Please welcome another UncommonYA Author today ~ William Hargrove

In the novel The Pitcher, Ricky Hernandez is a Mexican American boy with a golden arm but no money for lessons. He is dyslexic and the victim of domestic abuse as his father comes back and steals money and hits him and his mother. A broken down World Series Pitcher, Jack Langford, who lives across the street, sits in his garage and drinks beer.
Ricky's mother Maria is sick with Lupus and desperate to get his son lessons to make the high school team.  The Pitcher is a man who is in mourning over his wife and cannot move on.

Maria convinces him to coach her son and they make progress but then he goes on a binge like Ricky's father did, and doesn't show up. Maria steadily gets sicker and is nervous about her immigration status. A Tea Party mom reveals that Maria is an illegal immigrant and bars her son from trying out for the team. The Pitcher finds out she has no medical insurance and pays for her hospital bills.

In a turnabout he and Maria date and then fall out. It comes down to the final game and a tryout where Ricky is barred. The Pitcher has a decision to make.

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  1. Thanks for this highlight here, Lisa! William's work looks wonderful. Sounds like a heart-wrenching read!

  2. I think it sounds like a good one too. :)