Saturday, July 9, 2011


If Storyteller had a book jacket, here’s what it might say:

Your best friend is really your guardian.

Your grandmother is really a fairy.

Your birthday present holds a magical power.

And you think your nemesis is just a 13 year old girl.

That was before you encountered The Morrow, a creature from another world sent to stop you from fulfilling your destiny.

 Thirteen year old Lily knows she can make weird things happen, just by telling a story.  It’s a gift she can’t always control, making her the queen of seventh grade outcasts.  She can’t make a million dollars appear out of thin air or make it rain cupcakes, but it’s not for lack of trying.  More than anything, she wants to see her mom, who’s left her in the care of her unconventional grandmother, Gwendolyn, and her only friend, Peter.

When Lily finds a strange fairytale book, she’s drawn into a fantasy world where her mother waits for her.  When her grandmother admits to Lily they are fairies, hiding in this world from dark forces in another place, Lily is convinced the book she’s been reading is real.  According to the book, those dark forces now threaten to destroy her mother.  What Lily doesn’t know is they are already hunting her as well.

Despite the dire warnings of Gwendolyn and Peter, Lily embarks on a mission to find a way into the fantasy world to save her mom.  The events she sets into motion with the telling of a story will change all of their lives forever. 

 An early beta reader review:

 “I read Storyteller and I really liked it. I’m not much for fantasy-type stories, but this was really good! I think you developed the characters well, you balanced descriptive prose with dialogue nicely, the plot was definitive and the story moved along well. It was difficult to put down-which in my mind is what every author wants!”


  1. Just dropping in to check out your blog. This is a really interesting premise, and I also read a bit of your opening in the next post. Nice stuff! So did you self publish it online, is that the ebook talk on a different post?

  2. Thanks for the read Cortney. Storyteller is self-published on Smashwords. I originally shopped it around to agents without much interest. I figured rather than throwing it in the trash, I could let someone see it. It's been an interesting experience so far, but feedback has been slow coming. I'm patiently waiting for some reviews! ;)